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Baines Children's Centre staff are working towards a certificate of accreditation for Smile4Life. This is an organisation that promotes healthy eating, welbeing and good oral health.


The Smile4Life campaign aims to lay solid foundations for good oral health throughout life.


Smile4Life is an oral health improvement programme to help children improve their oral health and covers 4 key themes:

1. Encouraging healthy eating and drinking


2. Encouraging regular tooth brushing


3. Encouraging the promotion of a healthy lifestyle


4. Visiting the dentist regularly


Our Smile4Life coordinators are Karen Moulding and Laura Allen


For more information on what we'll be doing please look at the notice boards which can be found in each nursery room and the centre reception area.



Click below to print off your own Toothbrushing Chart to fill in with your children.

Dental Health Phone number: 01253 955200


Emergency Dentist: 01253 955200. Opening hours are: 

Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

Monday - Friday 5.30pm - 9pm

Saturday 10am - 3pm

Bank holidays 11am - 6pm


Calls Monday - Friday between 5.30pm and 9pm, weekends and bank holidays are for emergencies only.


‘With God’s help we work, grow and succeed together’