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February - A visit to Baines' Endowed Thornton and an Afternoon Tea Party with Year 2

On Monday 6th February Miss Snape joined the children and staff at Baines Endowed Primary School Thornton as they launched their tercentenary celebrations. They had created a wonderful display of memories - old school reports, school photographs from over the years and the school log books and registers. The whole school had dressed up, Key Stage 2 were pre 1900 and Key Stage 1 were 1900 to the present day. In the afternoon they launched 300 balloons in their school colours to celebrate.


It was Year 2's turn to lead our celebrations this month. They held an afternoon tea party, inviting the Year 2 class from Baines Thornton and students from Baines High School and Baines Sixth Form to join us. The Headteachers from all three Baines schools were able to attend, as was the Chair of Governors from Baines High School. We were delighted that our Baines Trustees also joined us for the celebration.


We stepped back in time to 1717 and it was a right royal occasion as we were joined by King George 1 and his wife Queen Sophia Dorothea. Led in by an amazing Town Crier the King and Queen took their seats whilst the invited guests sang "God Save The King" and waved their Union Jack flags with great enthusiasm.


Before we tucked in to the delicious cakes, scones and biscuits we found out about a party the King held on the River Thames in 1717 and a very special piece of music that was written for the occasion - the Water Music by George Frederic Handel. Alex played a short extract of the Water Music on his trumpet for us all to enjoy.


A lovely afternoon made even better by seeing children from all three Baines schools, 6 to 18 year olds, sitting, chatting and smiling together over a piece of cake!

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‘With God’s help we work, grow and succeed together’