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Cidari MAT

We are a member of Cidari Multi Academy Trust  

Their contact details are:-

Clayton House
Walker Park
Tel: 01254 958888

For further information visit their website –

Members & Trust Board of Directors

Scheme of Delegation

For its Governance to function effectively, Cidari Multi Academy Trust has a scheme of delegation which allows for an appropriate degree of delegation at each level to suit the capacity of the Board of Directors and our Local Governing Committees who operate as a Committee of the Board.

As the same rules and responsibilities apply to Multi Academy Trusts as they do to single academy trust governing bodies, this means that the Trust is responsible for the following within our Academies:

  • Admissions
  • Staffing
  • Finance
  • Premises
  • Curriculum
  • Wellbeing and safeguarding
  • Reporting on results (for example to Ofsted)
  • Being accountable to the DfE and the EFA for results, finances and management.

Some of these responsibilities are delegated to our Local Governing Committees, however, the ultimate accountability for each area remains with the Board of Directors who will need to report back to the EFA and any notify the DfE of any changes to the structure.

The Scheme of Delegation is reviewed annually and is currently under review.

Cidari Scheme Of Delegation

Cidari Scheme Of  Delegation Appendix

Code of Conduct for Members of the Local Governing Body

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