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Look at what we have been getting up to in Bridges...................

May 2017

All areas came together for a Mexican Food Tasting event that was part of our Cinco de Mayo celebrations. The children enjoyed tasting new foods such as tacos, frittatas, Mexican chicken, refried beans, guacamole, salsa, nachos and Mexican spiced rice. 

February 2017

This was our pancake tasting activity for all areas of Bridges After School Club and children could rate their favourite topping or filling.

January 2017

This was our STEM themed week where the children made straw powered rocket ships, discovered what happened when oil and water mixed, constructed using various kits such as Bamboo and Zoob, programmed the bluebots using the i-pads, designed and made train tracks to get from one place to another and made LEGO brick themed crispy cakes amongst other things.

‘With God’s help we work, grow and succeed together’